See an interactive presentation (188MB)
See an interactive presentation, 8-bit color (28MB)
See video (Youtube)

Youtube video
Youtube video - Blender 3D

Basic usage

1. Download and install AutoHotkey.
2. Download this AutoHotkey script.
3. Based on your needs, edit this script. The documentation of AutoHotkey may help you.

The SendInput function sends a string to the window that has focus.
       SendInput, Forward{Enter}

4. Run the script.
5. Run SBW, connect (See screencast)
  • check Remap buttons ...
  • check Remap ball state
  • uncheck and Broadcast to ...
  • type "AutoBr" in the editbox

Practical application (Blender 3D)

Download file (.svg)

Download an AutoHotkey script for Blender 3D (use a plain text editor to edit it)
Note. This script will remap keys and buttons. When working with another application, suspend it to avoid unnecessary processing. (See tray icon menu)

To-do list

  • The available script discards data concerning the pressure of the hand on the ball. In the future, a more complex script should include this information.

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